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NPC Prices:
Min. cost to buy from NPC:
3.46 plat 
Max. price an NPC will buy it for:
2.64 plat 
Max. favor an NPC will give:

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Zones where you can find this item
ZoneFor SaleFishForageGround SpawnLootShops 'n' Drops
Abysmal Sea Always Ermden Nermuzo (Shop, always sold)
Ak'Anon Always a clockwork weaponsmith (Shop, always sold)
Cabilis East Always Smithy Qag (Shop, always sold)
Caverns of Exile a vrodak bloodclaw (Drop, level 53)
City of Shar Vahl Marduk (Shop)
East Commonlands Always Ponila Quickfingers (Shop, always sold)
East Freeport Always Gord Smith (Shop, always sold)
Eastern Plains of Karana Always Tanrak (Shop, always sold)
Erud's Crossing Always Renna (Shop, always sold)
Field of Bone Always Klok Canip (Shop, always sold)
Firiona Vie Always Quizan Gaxx (Shop, always sold)
Greater Faydark Always Merchant Gililya (Shop, always sold)
Halas Always Elona McMahon (Shop, always sold)
Highpass Hold Always Mardon Smith (Shop, always sold)
Lake of Ill Omen Always Klok Sargin (Shop, always sold)
Neriak - 3rd Gate Always Jerris W`Selo (Shop, always sold)
North Freeport Ardiflah Steadirt (Shop)
North Kaladim Always Kafia Ratsbone (Shop, always sold)
North Qeynos Always Pelshia Thuxpire (Shop, always sold)
Oggok Always Cikoona (Shop, always sold)
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