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Basil the skinner (Firiona Vie)

This guy must look pretty, 'cos he/she doesn't do much!

Min. level to kill:
Avg. cash drop:

Items which this NPC has been known to sell or drop
ItemDrop RateShop FrequencyCost
(from NPC)
 Avg Bazaar
Sell Speed
Barracuda Bones  Sometimes 0.031 ** Subscribers only ** 0.019
Celestial Solvent  Rarely 0.125 ** Subscribers only ** 0.114
Cockatrice Beak  Rarely 20.212 ** Subscribers only ** 1.833
Crunchy Crawlers  Rarely   ** Subscribers only ** 0.010
Dust of Decay  Rarely 3.307 ** Subscribers only ** 1.714
Emerald  Rarely 13.649 ** Subscribers only ** 12.381
Essence of Rathe  Rarely 1.889 ** Subscribers only ** 1.714
Evil Eye Eyestalk  Rarely 6.824 ** Subscribers only ** 0.310
Finely Crafted Sheer Blade  Rarely 2.708 ** Subscribers only ** 2.457
Fishing Grubs  Rarely 0.003 ** Subscribers only ** 0.003
Flame of Vox  Rarely 1.049 ** Subscribers only ** 0.476
Flawed Flame Opal  Rarely 52.499 ** Subscribers only ** 47.619
Glove of Rallos Zek  Rarely 1.049 ** Subscribers only ** 0.476
Habanero Pepper  Rarely 0.104 ** Subscribers only ** 0.095
Indicolite  Rarely 10.499 ** Subscribers only ** 9.524
Innovative Clockwork Bolts  Rarely 16.274 ** Subscribers only ** 2.952
Leather Belt  Always 1.489 ** Subscribers only **  
Leather Cloak  Always 1.914 ** Subscribers only **  
Leather Gloves  Always 1.931 ** Subscribers only ** 1.300
Leather Gorget  Always 0.936 ** Subscribers only ** 0.750
1 2 3
The is the number of times we've seen the item drop compared to the number of times the Mob has been killed. Drop rates are only approximate. There is no guarantee that the mob will drop these items. Figures are calculated using 'best guess' methods of identifying mob droppers since there is no definitive link between loot and NPCs in Everquest log files.
The is how often we've seen the NPC sell an item compared to how often we've seen other NPCs sell the same item.

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