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Gukta, Outpost of Marr (Legacy of Ykesha)

Avg. plat per Drop:

Items which can be found in this zone
ItemLootFishForageGround SpawnShopCost from NPC Avg Bazaar
Sell Speed
Price NPC
will pay
Spiderling Eye 0.010 ** Subscribers only ** 0.010
Sharptooth Caribe   ** Subscribers only **  
Bowyers Guide Always 0.104 ** Subscribers only **  
Piece of Parchment Always 0.104 ** Subscribers only ** 0.095
Quill Always 0.104 ** Subscribers only ** 0.095
Agrimony Always 0.524 ** Subscribers only **  
Ale Always 0.031 ** Subscribers only ** 0.022
Allspice Always 0.524 ** Subscribers only ** 0.892
Amber Always 2.624 ** Subscribers only ** 2.381
Animal Cookie Mold Always 0.367 ** Subscribers only **  
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Mobs & Merchants in this zone
Animal Trainer Visop      jungle hatchling      Shin Master Grubbus      Zok Gribbl     
Dar Banker Zlopps      Kor Master Gloorg      Soulbinder Zlippi      Zok Huoo (Merchant)     
Dar Forager Lumun      Kor Protector Durlonz      Srekta Froreki      Zok Kilikko     
Dar Guard Errak      Master Scribe Uklo      tame hatchling      Zok Kuluree     
Dar Guard Friggop      Quartermaster Grik      trapped spiderling      Zok Lillis     
Dar Guard Gerg      Rukta Jrarek      Tugog Grigol (Merchant)      Zok Lubump (Merchant)     
Dar Guard Griggle      Rukta Karuup      Yun Protector Kaewhis      Zok Moic     
Dar Guard Kioog      Rukta Sroreki      Zok Baloor      Zok Pirk     
Dar Guard Roguuk      Scribe Bulo (Merchant)      Zok Caropni (Merchant)      Zok Prolo     
Dar Initiate Burblaa      Scribe Fipim      Zok Crikk      Zok Reebo (Merchant)     
Dar Sergeant Lunmadz      Scribe Glurg (Merchant)      Zok Dendrung      Zok Ruppeta     
domesticated bleeder      Scribe Gokk      Zok Drup      Zok Rurpp     
domesticated hatchling      Scribe Gopp      Zok Folis      Zok Seleka (Merchant)     
Dun Forager Lumun (Merchant)      Scribe Grurkk      Zok Froob      Zok Sevrana     
Emissary Of Marr      Scribe Gukloki (Merchant)      Zok Geewuk (Merchant)      Zok Siaa     
Exterminator Galub      Scribe Pungg      Zok Giibles      Zok Sliips (Merchant)     
Gaz Commander Giidib      Scribe Rikik      Zok Giisip      Zok Tabruu (Merchant)     
Grib Frobble      Scribe Vrukk (Merchant)      Zok Gimar      Zok Virek     
Guide Flouki      Scribe Vukk      Zok Glag      Zok Vroog     
Guide Jananek      Scribe Yoss      Zok Gleeup (Merchant)      Zok Zribb (Merchant)     
Guide Kledoki      Scribe Zibby      Zok Gluchh      Zokta Noble Groobl     
Jin Master Sergug      sharptooth caribe      Zok Gorble     

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