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The Mines of Gloomingdeep (Classic)

Avg. plat per Drop:
0.659 plat
0.303 plat
0.440 plat

Items which can be found in this zone
ItemLootFishForageGround SpawnShopCost from NPC Avg Bazaar
Sell Speed
Price NPC
will pay
CLASS 1 Wood Point Arrow 0.003 ** Subscribers only ** 0.010
Gloomingdeep Silk 0.049 ** Subscribers only ** 0.014
Rat Ears 0.010 ** Subscribers only ** 0.010
Rat Paw   ** Subscribers only ** 0.011
piece of Rat Fur 0.012 ** Subscribers only ** 0.008
Bone Chips 0.015 ** Subscribers only ** 0.014
Kobold Whip 0.104 ** Subscribers only ** 0.094
Iron Ration 0.157 ** Subscribers only ** 0.143
Water Flask 0.010 ** Subscribers only ** 0.010
Spiderling Eye 0.010 ** Subscribers only ** 0.010
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Mobs & Merchants in this zone
Brokenclaw      gloomingdeep slave warden      Kobold Siege Supplies      Selandoor     
cave bat      gloomingdeep spiritweaver      Kreek      Slavemaster Ruga     
cave rat      gloomingdeep taskmaster      Krenshin      Sliver     
Celrak      gloomingdeep warrior      locksmith`s footlocker      small rat     
Cindl      goblin slave      Lyndroh      small spider     
Clockwork War Machine      Gordish      Mushroom Barrel      spider cocoon cluster     
Crixos      Guard Hobart      Nura      Spider Handler Lockbox     
dark elf slave      Guard Kaikachi      Oshran      Spider Tamer Gugan     
diseased rat      Guard Maddoc      Overlord Gnikan      The Gloomingdeep Jailor     
dwarven slave      Guard Of Gloomingdeep      pile of bones      The Gloomingdeep Locksmith     
exhausted goblin      Guard Rahtiz      pile of digested remains      Tinkerer Gordish     
Frizznik Hailstorm      Guard Vyrinn      Prathun Stumblebum      Tinkerer Keridon     
garroted kobold      Guard Zajeer      priest of luclin      Tinkerer Oshran     
giant wasp worker      Hobart Wolfkin      Queen Gloomfang      trampled kobold     
gloom spider      human slave      Rashere Al-Ayahd      Valtron Ogrebane     
gloom spiderling      iksar slave      Revolt Scout Kaikachi      vermin nest     
gloomfang lurker      Keridon      Revolt Scout Zajeer      Vyrinn Shadowmist     
gloomingdeep captain      Kesh`yk Vahren      Rookfynn      Wijdan     
gloomingdeep grunt      kobold barrel      Rowyl      Willowfang     
gloomingdeep plaguebearer      kobold jailor      Rufus      Xenaida Akh`zrial     
gloomingdeep shaman     

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