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Erudin (Classic)

Avg. plat per Drop:

Items which can be found in this zone
ItemLootFishForageGround SpawnShopCost from NPC Avg Bazaar
Sell Speed
Price NPC
will pay
Shark Skin 0.209 ** Subscribers only ** 0.190
Shark Meat   ** Subscribers only ** 0.010
Shark Bones   ** Subscribers only ** 0.014
Fresh Fish   ** Subscribers only ** 0.024
Lake Pebble   ** Subscribers only ** 0.000
Carnelian   ** Subscribers only ** 0.810
Fish Scales 0.005 ** Subscribers only ** 0.005
Bloodstone   ** Subscribers only ** 0.476
Silver Ring   ** Subscribers only ** 0.476
Rune of Falhalem   ** Subscribers only ** 0.857
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Mobs & Merchants in this zone
Alimaja Shanthun      Ghemna Nyjuss      Luren Renthalis      Sentinel Phylos     
Altrusan Belstince (Merchant)      giant piranha      Megan Tiglin      shark     
Alysa Eltern      Gorion Telld`mare      Mertitt Phentilly      Shinan Orefinder     
Ayth Niphiria      Helia BlueHawk      Mikeana Tolstaub      Sornita Eltern     
Bazma Brinstar      Ienala Eceiaiu      Monita Weaver      Stella Breezemoon     
Beth Breadmaker      Ignacia Rellasp      Nerth Sailwind      Stolace Printell     
Borge Finleather (Merchant)      Illithi Nollith      Palus Weaponsmith      Syra Printell     
Chembla Ellent (Merchant)      Issibla Belstince      piranha      Teria Finleather (Merchant)     
Cipse Tospyr      Jagen Kindlor      Qualtis Weslent      Tiam Khonsir     
Collier      Jordin Sretin      Raine Beteria      Tol Nicelot     
Demicla Tanner      Jras Solsier      Rarnan Lapice      Tollari Mistell     
Depnar Bulrious      Junice Weslent      Reihan Wilhemson      Tomekeeper Danl     
diseased shark      Kathar Varselli      Reklon Gnallen      Translocator Eniela     
Dleria Mausrel      Kisrin Breezeshadow      Reko Saltamer      Valani Gadriek (Merchant)     
Dunore Steelfinger      Kordian Keshalian      Rem Knarjon      Vynon Estaliun     
Fhania Aserdon      Laoni Reista      sand shark      Weltria Ostriss     
fish      Leraena Shelyrak      Selint Chency (Merchant)      young shark     
Galbasi Weaver      Lissa Respelti (Merchant)      Sentinel Malvol      Zip Fendil     
Gayle Weaven      Lumi Stergnon      Sentinel Mercutil      Zure Bavuior     
Geoard BlueHawk     

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