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Paineel (Classic)

Avg. plat per Drop:
0.021 plat
0.021 plat

Items which can be found in this zone
ItemLootFishForageGround SpawnShopCost from NPC Avg Bazaar
Sell Speed
Price NPC
will pay
Bone Chips   ** Subscribers only ** 0.014
Snake Fang   ** Subscribers only ** 0.003
Plague Rat Tail   ** Subscribers only ** 1.905
Snake Egg   ** Subscribers only ** 0.005
Rusty Axe   ** Subscribers only ** 0.029
Rusty Broad Sword   ** Subscribers only ** 0.057
Kobold Hide 0.042 ** Subscribers only ** 0.019
Infected Rat Livers   ** Subscribers only ** 0.018
piece of Rat Fur   ** Subscribers only ** 0.008
Ale Always 0.031 ** Subscribers only ** 0.022
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Mobs & Merchants in this zone
Archenm      Geomar Hapera      Keletha Nightweaver      Royal Guard Lilkus     
Artisan Korzan Virimove      Gerot Kastane      Kelkarn      Sadorno Chomosh     
Azzar Habbib      Gorng Alusnein      Kervis Ackblor      Sern Adolia     
black bat      Guard Abbilash      Kilevra Natasu (Merchant)      Sheras Milaku     
Brettas Norval      Guard Heridion      kobold runt      Shwara Volerno     
cliknar invader      Guard Lecknar      Leovre Kieqmarn      Soulbinder Tomas     
Coriante Verisue      Guard Lelton      Library Assistant      spirit chanter     
Dannis Faleet      Guard Lidozarnn      Linnleu Brackmar      Taralani Rahnta     
Danus Kelmun      Guard Menbuknar      Mandaril Dark Knife      Taria Clayspinner     
decaying skeleton      Guard Pendleir      Marsa Folor      Tatalros The Cruel     
Derena Leflor      Guard Polzdurn      Medoris Flalzm      Tenralus Brackmar     
Devinious Natasu      Guard Rireboln      moss snake      Tentus Brackmar (Merchant)     
Dilche Orlezcha      Guard Tynaryn      Nedorl Ipabrun      undead rat     
Dovan Sires      Henly Nictropus      Ninna Flalzm      Velana Kelmuza     
Duriek Bloodpool      Ishen Lelelan (Merchant)      Nivold Predd      Velana Kelmuza Pet     
Erandi Natasu      Iva Tersala      Noclin Saah      Verolk Kishneal     
Erelin Verisue (Merchant)      Jenkin Fleetmore      Oren Calferdo      Winnla Crestus     
Evus Doracmal      Jerith      pack rat      Yenlr Undraie     
Faratain      Keeshla Levlora      Pardas Nalue      Yvonne Ani     
fire beetle      Keeshla Levlora Pet      Rallia Hapera      Zarnlel Apridor     

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