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East Cabilis (Ruins of Kunark)

Avg. plat per Drop:
0.014 plat
0.037 plat
0.014 plat

Items which can be found in this zone
ItemLootFishForageGround SpawnShopCost from NPC Avg Bazaar
Sell Speed
Price NPC
will pay
Loose Scale Always 0.100 ** Subscribers only ** 0.008
Bone Chips Always 0.015 ** Subscribers only ** 0.014
Small Mosquito Wing   ** Subscribers only ** 0.005
Scorpion Pincer Always 7.101 ** Subscribers only ** 0.080
Leech Husk 0.052 ** Subscribers only ** 0.008
Brittle Iksar Skull 1.049 ** Subscribers only ** 0.005
Fish Scales   ** Subscribers only ** 0.005
Rusty Shan`Tok 0.262 ** Subscribers only ** 0.200
Grotesque Nose Ring   ** Subscribers only **  
Tarnished Sheer Blade 0.272 ** Subscribers only ** 0.208
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Mobs & Merchants in this zone
Brewer Prixal      Klok Hoga      Master Niska      Squire Gristle     
Crusader Cotat      Klok Ixmid      Master Raska      Squire Rygle     
Decaying Skeleton      Klok Margar      mosquito      swamp leech     
Drill Master Dal      Klok Mugruk      Pagnar Vyng      Sybar     
Exterminator Sahizz      Klok Nalgoz      pygmy barracuda      The Court Chronicler     
froglok slave      Klok Oxmod      Rastok      The Toilmaster     
Gaxl the scribe      Klok Poklon (Merchant)      Sarth Scarscale      Trooper Azalin     
giant swamp leech      Klok Rakra      scorpion      Vessel Drekk     
Grand Master Glox      Klok Sass (Merchant)      Shezlie Furscale      Vessel Grott     
Granthrow      Klok Scaznar      Sirtha Scarscale      Vessel Grymm     
Grazik Plaguebringer      Klok Stitch      Slithreina      Vessel Kabda     
Hierophant Granix      Klok Sweetzie      Smithy Bashdyn      Vessel Kirtokk (Merchant)     
Hierophant Oxyn      Klok Tempar      Smithy Krikt      Vessel Migron     
Himart Kichith      Klok Toren      Smithy Phlegyl      Vessel Mortyr     
iksar outcast      Klok Unlar      Smithy Qag      Vessel Spirit Companion     
Klok Dytar      Klok Vednir      Smithy Vyx      War Historian Kobl     
Klok Ephmir      Klok Wartol      Smithy Xzatik      Weaponsmith Grugl     
Klok Foxmyr      Klok Wyga      Smithy Ygen      young scaled wolf     
Klok Gogon      Lord Vizaroth      Smithy Zern      Zauz Malgorne     
Klok Gritchit      Master Bain      Spooky Sally      Zazlan Furscale     
Klok Grots     

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