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South Qeynos (Classic)

Avg. plat per Drop:

Items which can be found in this zone
ItemLootFishForageGround SpawnShopCost from NPC Avg Bazaar
Sell Speed
Price NPC
will pay
Rat Whiskers   ** Subscribers only ** 0.010
Rat Meat   ** Subscribers only ** 0.010
Rat Tooth   ** Subscribers only ** 0.008
Head of Donally Stultz   ** Subscribers only **  
Piece of Parchment Always 0.104 ** Subscribers only ** 0.095
Quill Always 0.104 ** Subscribers only ** 0.095
Ale Always 0.031 ** Subscribers only ** 0.022
Amber 2.624 ** Subscribers only ** 2.381
Arrow Always 0.008 ** Subscribers only ** 0.008
Axe Always 3.464 ** Subscribers only ** 2.640
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Mobs & Merchants in this zone
Barthal      Fesse Bontex      Lisdon Trekka      Sinon Loarpe     
Bassanio Weekin      Fhara Semhart      Lomarc      Sissy Huntlan     
Behroe Dlexon      Fish Ranamer      Lysric Loresinger      Solani Dayadil (Merchant)     
Bisdlo Ravtahm      Gahna Salbeen (Merchant)      Madame Serena      Sollari Bekines     
Bogen Chazel      Gash Flockwalker      Mar Sedder      Sorn Copperhold     
Byjan Timbokker (Merchant)      Gemcrafter Anuk      McNeal Jocub (Merchant)      Stan Cloven     
Caleah Herblender      Gende Reldari      Meera Lylon      Sunsa Jocub     
Captain Rohand      Gero Yopetu      Miltiades Tal`Azroth      Tabure Ahendle     
Captain Tillin      Ghul Rustem      Moran Smith      Tasya Huntlan     
Cassius Messus      Grahan Rothkar      Neapha Vesturo      Ton Firepride (Merchant)     
Celamari Marre      Guard Perin      Nesiff Tallaherd      Topala Xenem     
Chalea Volesga      Hanlore Escaval (Merchant)      Nostahla Westfend      Translocator Sedina     
Chalios Bensted      Headara Ponido      Nug Rellash      Trisco Qental     
Chesgard Sydwen      Heidi Grainsifter      Oriyame Nelafre      Trumpy Irontoe     
Corrao Duperame      Iala Lenard      Pai Berenis      Tsuden Korinte     
Danon Fletcher      Ingaria Dinego      Rabley Trumend      Vansted Rohenga     
Den Magason      investigator      Raffy Conticede (Merchant)      Voleen Tassen (Merchant)     
Donally Stultz      Joffrey Clay      Raheim Varshen      Warehnn Awlne     
Drawna Opimsor      Juegile Sohgohm      Rane Sedder      Willie Garrote     
Earron Huntlan      Karn Tassen      Raz The Rat Misk      Wrin Liltin     
Ebon Strongbear      Kazlo Naedra      Ren Pinemyer      Wylin Dodmil     
Ellisha      Kendall Copperhold      Riley Shplots      Xantomo Salmor     
Eracon Krengon      Khensol Undesta (Merchant)      rodent      Yakem Oreslinger (Merchant)     
Eve Marsinger      Lanhern Firepride (Merchant)      Rucio Divella      Yestura Rhamrey     
Exterminator Rasmon      Lieutenant Arathur      Sansa Nusk      Zamel     
Fellesha Varshen      Liln Sedder (Merchant)      sewer rat     

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