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Jaggedpine Forest (Classic)

Avg. plat per Drop:
2.294 plat
3.027 plat
2.694 plat

Items which can be found in this zone
ItemLootFishForageGround SpawnShopCost from NPC Avg Bazaar
Sell Speed
Price NPC
will pay
Chunk of Meat   ** Subscribers only ** 0.013
Basilisk Eye Stalk 1.312 ** Subscribers only ** 0.238
Basilisk Egg   ** Subscribers only ** 0.714
Low Quality Wolf Skin   ** Subscribers only ** 0.062
Medium Quality Wolf Skin 0.104 ** Subscribers only ** 0.095
Low Quality Bear Skin   ** Subscribers only ** 0.143
Griffon Meat 0.083 ** Subscribers only ** 0.076
High Quality Bear Skin 0.262 ** Subscribers only ** 0.238
Low Quality Cat Pelt   ** Subscribers only ** 0.062
Medium Quality Cat Pelt   ** Subscribers only ** 0.095
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Mobs & Merchants in this zone
Anchorite Of Brell Serilis      Diedra Twothorns      kodiak      Rashara Wrualla     
Annous Pineshadow      dire kodiak      Lady Deira      Reynold Blackguard     
Banker Mardalson      Donna Twothorns      Morgan Wetstone      river turtle     
Banker Rarrgar      dryad      Myraephe The Pure      savage pinewolf     
black panther      Dunarl (Merchant)      Nerdala Darkcloud      Selia Wetstone (Merchant)     
black pinewolf      Ervonis Leaflow      Nolan Greenwood      Sergeant Caelin     
Callenven Telenthar      Farkus Grime      Oracle Jaarl      Shayna Thunderhand     
Cathleen Goodroot      Ganatru Mythmoor      Pemwenia Dagor      skeleton     
cave basilisk      giant anaconda      Pergan Darkcloud (Merchant)      Snarla The Fang     
cave basilisk genitor      gnoll      poacher      Tallien Brightflash     
Chef Brargus (Merchant)      greenwood bear      potameid guardian      timber griffawn     
Cheyloh Greenwood      greenwood grizzly      potameid maiden      timber griffon     
darkpaw corruptor      grey pinewolf      potameid wildling      treant     
darkpaw curate      Guard Finewine      Quartermaster Grarucks (Merchant)      Vaurien Sticklebush     
darkpaw defiler      Jeremy Leafrunner      Ralleford Twothorns      Waldo Pinemyer     
darkpaw gnoll      Kaithys Galestrider      Randel Stormwind      willowisp     
darkpaw warrior      Karka (Merchant)      Ranusyll Skyspeed      Yranik Blackguard     
Derick Goodroot     

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