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My Bazaar Trading Profits (buying items in the Bazaar and re-selling them in the Bazaar)
ItemTotal SoldApprox.
Black Gold Inlay7211,479.74730,211.392617
Blade of Carnage6187,107.14331,184.524319
Discordant Scoriae4172,076.25043,019.063593
Metallic Drake Scales19157,684.7058,299.1953,326
Fiercely Hooked Claw16118,969.7147,435.607253
Radiant Titanite of Pure Battle1115,000.000115,000.000697
Blackened Acrylia Blade3596,807.4802,765.928935
Putrescent Blood289,100.00044,550.000185
Cloak of Crystalline Waters788,666.66612,666.667249
Small Brick of Velium2,94977,252.59426.1961,678
Minor Muramite Rune2360,060.8942,611.343770
Circlet of Shadow155,833.33355,833.3331,022
Skymaul, Ceremonial Hammer353,732.14317,910.714554
Fungus Covered Scale Tunic452,942.85713,235.714158
Radiant Cut Howlite152,920.00052,920.0002,775
Small Piece of Velium4,18552,453.53512.534800
Blue Diamond79150,287.43063.5751,316
Block of Velium89246,770.95052.434931
Cloak of Flames343,005.00014,335.000464
Vibrating Gauntlets of Infuse137,500.00037,500.00071
Amulet of Necropotence236,666.66718,333.333334
White Gold Inlay1735,906.7902,112.164486
Scrindite's Mechanoinstruction Holepoker Token135,000.00035,000.0006,226
Fungus Patch Vest234,600.00017,300.000727
Swiftblade of Zek229,047.61914,523.810363
Queen's Carapace228,500.00014,250.000171
Gloves of the Black Cliff127,250.00027,250.00019
Radiant Crystal2,31322,883.8979.89476
Muramite Rune1321,495.7551,653.520562
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